Welcome to the Pinion Pine Fire District
Proudly serving the communities of Pinion Pine, Getz Ranch, Atherton Acres, Peacock Mountain Ranches and Sawmill Creek

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Fire District Fuels Program

In early 2007, the Pinion Pine Fire District formed a Fuels Program to assist the residents of the community in becoming a safer wildland fire community. Due to a lack of personnel in recent years, the program activity has taken a backseat to the daily operations of the Fire District. Homeowner education and assistance is still offered when requested but the active fuels program is currently not in place. In the mean time, we offer a location at Fire Station 52 for residents of the community to bring their brush and yard clippings free of charge. During the winter months, fire district personnel conduct controlled burns to eliminate the piles and prepare for the following years brush. This also gives our personnel valuable training on proper firing techniques under a safe and controllable environment. Please remember, this site is for district residents only and please, no garbage. Trash in our burn site creates a hazard for our employees and damages our equipment.