Welcome to the Pinion Pine Fire District
Proudly serving the communities of Pinion Pine, Getz Ranch, Atherton Acres, Peacock Mountain Ranches and Sawmill Creek

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Fire District Personnel

Joseph Jackson, Fire Chief

Chief Administrator


Chris Jackson, Assistant Fire Chief

EMS Coordinator


Gail Jackson, Administrative Captain


Ron Hood, Captain

Operations, Training, Wildland Coordinator

Dan Zandvliet, Fire Engineer


Kevin Gifford, Fire Engineer


Beau Jackson, Fire Engineer


Chris Shaffer, Fire Engineer


James Bevins, Fire Engineer

Volunteer Coordinator


Jacques Shockley, Firefighter


David Menjivar, Firefighter


Kelly Addy, Firefighter


Kaegan Rivedal, Firefighter


Tory Mortensen, Firefighter


Treyton Dupee, Probationary Firefighter


Not Pictured:

  • Colin McMullen, Probationary Firefighter
  • Brett Nailor, Probationary Firefighter
  • Bryce Todriff, Probationary Firefighter