Fire Related

  1. Can I have a fire on my property?

    During some times of the year you my have a fire, but an inspection and burn permit are required. There are a few options, You can submit a request for a burn permit HERE and we can arrange an appointment, you can call 928.757.1207 or you can stop in at Station No. 51.

  2. I see/smell smoke! What should I do?

    Call 911! A fire apparatus will be dispatched immediately to investigate it further.

  3. Is my home safe from a wildfire?

    There are many factors that determine if your home/property is safe from wildfires. You can contact us at 928.757.1207 and an appointment can be made to look at your property and assess it. You can also visit Firewise.org for many useful tips on protecting your home/property in the event a wildfire should occur.

  4. How often do I need to change the battery in my smoke detector?

    We recommend that residents change the batteries in smoke detectors every six months. A good time to change the batteries is during the spring and fall time changes. We also recommend that you check your batteries once a month.

  5. What is a red flag warning?

    A red flag warning is a National Weather Service designation warning that wildfire conditions will be critical within the next 24 hours because of high winds, low humidity and sometimes temperatures. Warnings are usually issued when winds gust more than 25 MPH and relative humidity falls below 20 percent for 10 hours or more.

  6. What is a fire weather watch?

    A fire weather watch is used when current and developing weather conditions may evolve into dangerous fire weather. These watches are generally placed 24-48 hours before expected red flag warnings.

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General Questions

  1. There is a snake in my house/yard!

    This does not constitute an emergency unless you have been bitten, please do not call 911. Call the station instead, 928.757.1207 and someone will be able to assist you.

  2. There is a swarm of bee's outside my house!

    If you are a district resident, we can foam the bee's once in an effort to get rid of them. If this doesn't work, you will need to contact a professional bee keeper to capture and/or eliminate the bee's. Again, do not call 911 unless you have been stung, instead contact the station at 928.757.1207.

  3. Are you hiring?

    We are currently not hiring but volunteer's are ALWAYS welcome. You can find an application HERE to print and fill out or you can stop into Fire Station No. 51 (2836 DW Ranch Rd.) and obtain an application.

  4. When are board meetings?

    Board meetings are held on the second tuesday of every month at 2836 DW Ranch Rd, Kingman Az (Fire Station No. 51) at 7:00 PM.

  5. How do I find fire station locations?

    Maps to all of the fire district facilities can be found HERE.

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